You are a creative business coach with passion and on a mission.

You want to make a bigger impact, only you have so many hours in a day.

Connecting with your clients gives you energy…

Systems, metrics and processes, not so much.

It’s time to work with an OBM!

I help you grow and scale your dream business 

so you can relax (more) and have time to do what you love! 



Your dream is to organize a mastermind with a retreat in Ibiza. There’s a huge organization involved here. You just don’t know where to start…

You have a fantastic team around you that you love! Managing your team takes a lot of time and that is not where your power lies. You want to work with your clients. Doing what you love. Give your full energy and attention to the transformation of your clients and get new customers excited about what you have to offer. Which makes your heart beat faster.

You are spending every minute in your business and you have only so much time to spend with your family. You feel guilty. Towards your partner and sometimes you even feel like “a bad mother” because you pay more attention to your business rather than your kids or even to yourself.

This is not why you started your own business, right?

Imagine This…


… all the nitty-gritty details for your mastermind on Ibiza are arranged, planned and organized! And you only have to hop on a plane to your retreat and fully focus on your clients, your mastermind group.

… you don’t have to answer hundreds of emails from your team every day anymore! Your team members know exactly which tasks must be completed and when, so that the entire process is and remains aligned. And everything is in flow.

… you no longer have to take 10 steps back! You take 10 steps forward in your business. You can say ‘YES’ to a family get-a-way while your business keeps on going and growing!


How you can work with me!

Do you want to clarify your priorities for the next three months?

Or are you looking for someone to take work off your plate so you can focus on what’s important?

Anyway, I have the right solution for you!

Are you ready to turn your ambitions into actions with a 90-day business blue print plan?

Or is it time to manage your business with an OBM? So you can create (free) time and get your energy back?

Discovery Call

Take the first step! Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me.

We discuss your:
✓ Priorities
✓ Goals
✓ Revenue
✓ Pain points and struggles

We discuss where you are now with your business and how I can help to get where you need to be.

Create your 90 days Business Blue Print

~ 90 minutes + 90 day strategy plan ~

After the Discovery Call, we’ll continue with an intense Breakthrough Strategy Session (if you’d like!) to create your 90-day blueprint. Imagine receiving an action plan for the next 90 days to solve (literally) your burning problems in your inbox… Sounds great?

You will finally gain clarity on what is really happening in your business and what you can do to optimize. So you can be the CEO you are again and you have time to do what you love most.

We’ll discuss your goals, your visions and what success looks like in your business. And we work out a 90-day business blue print for the next three months. We will discuss what works, what doesn’t, and create a plan that will set you on course for growth!
With specific goals, we ensure that your business stays on track.

Plus, you’ll receive great strategies… and suggestions for systems to implement so you can FINALLY scale up.
Does this sound like music to your ears? Book a discovery call below and we’ll get started.

This is what you get:
~ 90 minutes of video chat, via Zoom
~ An assessment of your current systems and strategies
~ Answers to all the questions you can ask, within the 90 minute session
~ Fully customised, easy-to-follow 90-day action plan, delivered within seven business days
~ One week of email access after delivery of your 90 day plan
~ And the feeling that someone is standing next to you and thinking like you

€ 597.00 excluding VAT


Managing your business with me as your OBM

~ retainer package ~

Now that you have your Business Blue Print for 90 days, you can decide to implement everything yourself or hire an OBM (moi!) to do it for you.

My OBM retainer packages are successful and are the closest to buying time. I can’t wait to help your business grow. System Setup? Project and Team Management? Launch Management Support? Strategic sessions with a like-minded entrepreneur? You’ve got it!

A retainer of 3 months or longer I work by your side in your company and take over tasks from you that you can ‘let go’ so that you can get back into your Zone or Genius.
The only difference between where you are now and the life you want to live is the right systems and clearly mapped processes that add hours to your day, days to your week, and passion to your life.

I can help you with:
~ Managing day-to-day work
~ Monthly strategy consultation and ongoing meetings
~ Keeping track of statistics
~ Hiring and managing your team
~ Being the right brain of your left brain
~ Create systems and automation to save you time, money and headaches

And more:
* Business Operation Management
* Project Management
* Launch Strategy and Management
* Marketing Strategy and Management
* Lead, Client and Team Management
* Client Onboarding and Offboarding
* Metrics Strategy and Management
* Weekly Strategy calls

Start at € 1,500.00 excl. VAT for a minimum of 3 months retainer



As a business coach you may dream about organising your own event. A day full of energy, meeting new clients, feeling the vibe. For your raving fans it is a great possibility to see you in action, hear you walk your talk, meet you and others, get excited and wanting to join your Program. 

But who is going to do it all, the nitty gritty details aka the whole shabang. And were do you to start…. sigh… 

Here’s what you get:

      • A complete welcome pack, outlining what you can expect from our time together
      • A detailed onboarding questionnaire, so we both have a solid understanding of your goals, wishes and your audience
      • A 30-minute strategy session,where we’ll make sure I have all the info I need + have a deeper discussion about your event and our priorities for the day
      • 6 uninterrupted hours of my time to focus only on your event. No other clients, no other priorities. (Except the occasional coffee pour & kitty snuggle, of course.)
      • Detailed planning with your budget and handovers (which you can then share with your virtual assistent, executive assistent or whoever)
      • 2 weeks of email support from me as you bring your event to life

€ 1.300,00 excl. VAT


I help business coaches, just like you, to create more free time and growth in your business. It’s time to look deeper into your company, how the processes are set up, your team and where you want to go with your business!

I am a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) and Event Manager. For the past 20 years I have designed and organized specific programs and events in corporate. I am practical, communicative and I like efficient problem solving (‘challenges’).

Let’s do this!


I got to know Saskia as an organizer and client during the many conferences and seminars I was allowed to supervise for Wolters Kluwer and Vakmedianet. In addition to the fact that she knows how to tackle, creative and can quickly shift and switch to content/red thread. I find Saskia is a very nice person to work with. With her personal approach and humor she ensures that you relax as a trainer/speaker and makes it a party together and therefore success for the participants. So that our collaboration is also a party.

Jocelyn Rebbens

Psychologist, trainer, coach, speaker, @ReBBels,

Working with Saskia is so easy sometimes I thought, she just reads my mind.

Really, she thinks along with you and ahead of you and thus takes any stress from you that you might have.
You feel like you can lean on her when organizing any kind of event.

This is where her heart is and this is what she brings your heart event to life, on a foundation of years of experience.

Jennifer van Balkom

International Speaker,


Hoe productief ben jij in je bedrijf?

Bouwen aan je team en groeien met je bedrijf

4 stappen om systemen te creëren in je bedrijf

More about me!

Sun | Capricorn   Moon | Pisces

 The Netherlands (Europe)

Sara (my daughter, 11)

Latte Macchiato (every morning)

Sneakers (my favorite footwear)

  Chi Neng Qigong (Chinese Yoga)

Book: ’How I survive my period?’ (written in Dutch and published by me in 2017)

Essentialism ~ The disciplined pursuit of less (last read book)


Clifton Strengths | Arranger | Learner | Positivity | Activator | Communication

Kolbe A™ | 7-5-6-2 | specify – maintain – modify – envision

Enneagram | 8 – The Challenger

16PersonalityTest | ESFJ-A / ESFJ-T –

Consul = Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all

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